System thinking in a world of emotions and perceptions

That’s the essence of what we do and how we excel!

Auli, your partner in business consulting & HR management

AULI stands for guaranteed determination and high-level service, but focuses even more intensely on its core business: matching human capital to the business environment.

Our day-to-day operations consist of assessments, recruitment & selection, coaching, screening and optimisation of organisations, team development, …

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Business owners

Business owners and managers come to us with a whole range of questions.

They seek results, right balance between:

  • continuity and growth
  • consolidation and diversification
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Staff/job-seekers are looking for support in finding the right balance between:

  • what they want and what they can do
  • their ambitions and their competencies

People are mainly looking for a job they enjoy, not necessarily the job with the highest pay.

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