Our strategy

AULI stands for guaranteed determination and high-level service, but focuses even more intensely on its core business:

matching human capital to the business environment.

How do we position ourselves?

Our focus does not lie on our own growth or becoming the market leader.

However – of course – this doesn’t mean we don’t want to stand out in a totally fragmented HR landscape.

We firmly believe in an integrated approach to human capital in relation to the market, strategy and processes. We take on the role and dedication of process coach, helping to implement solutions.

As business consultants, we have broad knowledge of and expertise in a variety of sectors and act as a sounding board for any business leader or manager of an organisation looking to achieve results.

Our values: objectivity, clarity, dedication and excellence.

Joris Pollet, CEO

What is our business idea?

As the market becomes more competitive and even more aggressive, the resources and processes for standing out are becoming scarcer.

The success of a business is increasingly based on perceptions and other intangible factors.

Human capital is therefore becoming more and more important. In other words, managing human capital efficiently is the key to your competitive advantage.

As business consultants, we have the expertise and tools in-house to objectivise perceptions of:

  • the market and market trends and your own performance
  • the organisational set-up and the functioning of your management team
  • individual competencies

We create insight and lay the groundwork for sustainable, integrated solutions, combining business consultancy with HR management.

In this way, we shift the focus to facilitating processes.

That’s the essence of what we do and how we excel!

Our approach/our tools

1. Market

Based on an in-depth survey of your customers, and even your customers’ customers, we – as an objective, neutral party – define current and future critical success factors.

2. Businessmanship

How do our customers and staff experience our market expertise? Do our products match our customers’ expectations and do they contain the right added value? How do we rate as a supplier in terms of service?

3. Organisation

We map out the various responsibilities and associated organisational structure. Using a survey, we draw up an objectivised organisational profile (culture, processes, management). Based on specific analyses, we coach your management team so that they function more efficiently as a group. We help you formulate assessment systems and 360°-feedback exercises.

4. Staff

We coach your staff and managers with individual development programmes, sometimes based on prior assessments of potential. If the necessary resources are not available in-house, you can call upon our range of recruitment and selection solutions.